frequently asked questions

What is a Reformer and where do I start?

Firstly, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check us out. The Reformer is a machine that uses a bed, springs and straps to give you a full body, low-impact workout. Combined with some banging beats, fellow movers and your incredibke teacher, you’re in for fun-filled small group fitness class!

If you haven't been to Sisu or on a Reformer before, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the class starts so we can give you a quick run down on the studio and equipment if you need it. If starting with a group class is a bit too much, check out our 1:1 sessions. We have a Solo Intro Offer so you can grab a solo session before starting our group classes if you want a little more time getting used to the Reformer. We also have a Reformer Intro class for those wanting a to spend a little more time easing into the equipment, so you can feel confident going to our other group classes.

Our teachers will provide plenty of options to ensure you feel supported to move fearlessly throughout the class. Please know you’re always welcome to take everything at your own pace and rest whenever you need to. We encourage you to listen to your body and move how you feel.

Do I have to be a regular mover or have a certain level of fitness to get started?

We all have to start somewhere and we encourage all levels of fitness and abilities to join us. Our group classes require you to be able to move through different body positions fairly easily, so if you are new to moving your body, or struggle to transition between laying down, sitting and standing then start with some Solo sessions before jumping into group classes. If you are brand new to the Reformer, starting with our Reformer Intro class is a perfect option. If you have any questions, please email us at

How do I book my classes?

We use the PunchPass booking system for all account management, purchases and bookings. It is integrated into our website. We require booking and payment in advance of attending our classes - no booking or pay, no play.

PunchPass doesn't currently have an app, but you can bookmark it and add it to your home screen on your smart phone. Watch this video and learn how here:

Check out our cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions.

How do I prepare for my first class?

  • Make your account and book into your class via PunchPass on our website
  • Wear something stretchy and comfortable (avoid strings and zips), and please wear socks (no socks, no play. We have grip socks available to purchase via bank transfer at the studio)
  • BYO water bottle and towel
  • We have two toilets onsite which have space for you to get changed but no showers

How long are the classes?

Group classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise specified; private sessions are 50 minutes.

What are the studio expectations?

- Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class - If it’s your first time to Sisu, please arrive 10-15 minutes to familiarise yourself - Say hi to the instructor (and your fellow movers!) so we can check you in - Bring only your water bottle + towel to your Reformer, everything else can be left on the shelf, including phones on silent. No one wants a trip hazard! - Niggly knees or dodgy elbows? No probs. At the start of class, let your instructor know if there is anything we need to know about your body so we can keep you moving comfortably throughout the class. - Listen to your body. While we will give you oodles of options throughout the class, move with your mood and how your body is feeling. Maybe you did something in class last week that you can't do today - respect your body where it is at. We are proud of you for turning up and moving with us! - Please wipe down all equipment used in class so it is nice and clean for the next mover With regards to Covid-19: - Please scan the QR code on arrival and wash your hands - If you are unwell or display any cold/flu-like symptoms, please do your part and stay home - We will be operating in line with Covid guidelines. We are able to stay open at Levels 1 and 2. Masks are not necessary but you are welcome to wear them if you prefer. In Level 2, social distancing may apply. In Levels 3 and 4, the studio will remain closed. We will do our best to keep you moving, offering online classes through Zoom, the PunchPass Content Library and there may be options to hire our equipment.

What if I need to cancel or don't show up?

Our cancellation policies are in place to ensure that everyone has inclusive access to classes. As part of the Sisu community, we hope you can understand this. Please be considerate of your community and cancel your spot to free your space so someone else has the chance to book! Cancellations are the responsibility of the person booking the class. They must be made via your Punchpass account. We do not accept cancellations via email, phone or social media. CLASS PACKS + SESSION-BASED MEMBERSHIPS Cancellations made more than 18 hours before class will get the session back. Late Cancellations made less than 18 hours before class will forfeit the session. No-shows and absences will forfeit the session.

What if I am feeling under the weather or have an injury?

We know it's sometimes tempting to 'sweat it out' but we would prefer you to stay home, drink plenty of water and prioritise rest before coming back to move with us. If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, please refrain from attending classes until you are symptom-free. If you have an acute injury, please get the all clear from your medical professional and let us know before attending class. Please understand that our instructors have the right to deny participation in a session if full details of injuries are not given before arriving which will result in the class still being charged or concession used. If you have anything else going on with your body and you are not sure if our classes would be suitable, please don't hesitate to contact us before coming to class.

How often should I come to class?

This is completely up to you. The American College of Sports Medicine (what we consider the ‘gold standard’ for exercise guidelines) recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate cardiovascular exercise, as well as two sessions of resistance training a week. Our Foundations and Dynamic classes are designed to increase the heart rate and build strength, therefore tackling both of these recommendations.

If you are new to movement, then 2-3 classes a week is a great place to start.

If you love what we do and just can't get enough, then come everyday!