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group classes

These classes feature regularly on our schedule

We combine the latest exercise science with the original Joseph Pilates repertoire to bring you an array of 45 minute group classes to give you the ultimate movement experience to meet you wherever you are at.

reformer foundations


This class showcases the different ways you can move on the Reformer to work the whole body and give you that signature SISU burn. Progressions and regressions are provided throughout allowing you to pick your level of challenge. Expect to work muscles you didn’t know you had!

Suitable for: all levels

reformer progressions


This class is a step up and builds on our Foundations class with more advanced moves that will challenge your strength, balance and co-ordination. Progressions and regressions will be given throughout but you must be confident on the Reformer.

Suitable for: experience with Reformer (not suitable for prenatal, those new to Reformer or with injuries)

reformer intro


Ideal for those brand new to the Reformer that prefer an in depth introduction in a small group setting, rather than a private or a quick how to before class. We start with an overview of the Reformer and how it works, then spend the rest of the session putting this into practice so you feel completely confident walking into your next group class.

Suitable for: completely new to Reformer

reformer total 4 week workshop


If you want more than just a one-off intro class to get yourself familiar with the studio and equipment, then this workshop series is for you. Held at the same time each week for 4 weeks, we take a deep dive into all things Reformer, from the machine itself to some of the exciting props that go with it. This is for those that want to really take their time and build their confidence on the machine along with others at the same level. By the end of Week 4, you'll be ready to take your training wheels off and immerse yourself in our regular Foundations class.

Suitable for: completely new to Reformer and/or movement

tailored group classes & workshops

These offerings are by demand only and may not feature regularly on the timetable

reformer mums & bubs


 A great, low-impact way to get back into movement after bringing your mini into the world and connect with some other local mamas.
BYO baby + bits - baby can be on the floor (bring a blanket), in a pram or on mum. You are welcome to feed, change nappies or stop for cuddles anytime.

Suitable for: mums post-birth (provided you have had the all clear from your OB or Physio) and babies (non-crawlers)

tailored private classes

Perfect if group classes aren't your jam



A 50 minute tailored one-on-one. Brilliant as a one-off introductory session to the Reformer, or as a weekly appointment if you'd prefer all attention on you, group classes aren't your style or you have an injury.

Suitable for: all levels



Private sessions are double the fun when you bring a friend. Enjoy this 50 minute two-on-one as a one-off introductory session to the Reformer, or make it a weekly appointment if you prefer to keep it exclusive.

Suitable for: all levels

We also offer private group Reformer classes for 3 + people. If you are a sports team, group of workmates, hen's party or another group please enquire here.

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